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  • Gas Phase Filtration
  • Dust Collection
  • Filter Housings
  • Air Filtration Services

Filtration Plus offers a range of Air Filtration Services
that includes Particulate Air Filtration, Gas Phase Filtration
and industrial and commercial Dust Collection.

Some of these services include: 

  • On-site filter surveys of all filters and filtration equipment.
    Filtration Plus employees will come to your building to perform
    an in depth report of all types and quantities of product used.
  • Filtration Management Program.
    Maintained database of scheduled filter changeout requirements,
    including products used, frequencies, buildings/areas, tagging
    of product, etc.
  • Product performance evaluations.
    Filtration Plus employees have the training and equipment available
    to do performance evaluations of existing or new products and
    systems, including particle size counting and efficiency testing.
  • On-site educational seminars.
    Let our trained staff assist in training your staff in such topics as
    maintenance scheduling, product application, efficiency ratings, etc.
  • Media Life Analysis sampling.
    Media sample collection and laboratory analysis reports of
    Gas Phase Media products.
  • Corrosion Coupon Testing.
    Coupon placing and reports for corrosive and contaminated areas
    to be serviced by Gas phase products.


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